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Which party is better the Elephant Party or the Donkey Party?

We cannot objectively determine that either party is better. It  is a matter of personal preference.  Most political conservatives generally prefer the Elephant  Party, whe (MORE)

Why is there a Republican Party and a democratic party?

The Republican and Democratic parties exist due to the strikingly contrasting ethnic and cultural differences of each. Though both parties originally lacked ideological differ (MORE)

How do you get into a party?

You first have to get invited to a party. Which means you have to be the party type person. No one will want to invite you in your boring and not to fun to hang out with.So be (MORE)

What is a parti pomeranian?

If I understand the question correctly, they mean parti-color, meaning that the dog is mixed color. I've most often seen parti-colors of a white base with splotches of calico (MORE)

What to do on a party?

what u do at a party depends on if your hosting it or its someone else's party. if its your party:- *be a good host *have a few party games *talk a little about what going on (MORE)

Democratic-Republican Party What current party evolved from this party?

federalists republicans jefferson american   The Jeffersonian Republican party, better known as the Democratic-Republican Party, is an ancestor of the modern DEMOCRATIC PA (MORE)

Which party is the liberals?

Canada's Federal Liberal Party is Canada's oldest still existing party, though they are going through a rough patch. They ruled Canada for most of the 20th century making Cana (MORE)