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What is Kurdistan?

The Northern geographical part of Iraq whose northern border is Turkey. The Kurds are historically an independent (fiercely and traditionally) group considered as seperate (MORE)

Where is Kurdistan?

as shown in the map which was divided into four parts through the Sykes - Picot Agreement ofMay 1916 between British and French empires as the following: 1- Southern Kurdis (MORE)

Is Kurdistan free?

When speaking of Kurdistan, it is typically assigned the status of the area of Northern Iraq, Southern Turkey, Western Iran and Eastern Syria. The Kurds there do not have an o (MORE)

Who is the president of Kurdistan?

Currently, Kurdistan is not a united country. As a result the different regions of Kurdistan are ruled differently. Only in Iraq do the Kurds have enough autonomy to have thei (MORE)

What is the capital of Kurdistan?

Sanandaj is the capital of Eastern Kurdistan (occupied by Iran), Al-Qamishli is the capital of Western Kurdistan (occupied by Syria), Erbil (which the Kurds call "Hawler") is (MORE)

When was Kurdistan divided and who did it?

Answer 1   There was never a state called Kurdistan, so therefore it has never  really been divided. A more correct way to put it, is that it has  never been united. Dur (MORE)

What does Chone in kurdistan?

Ive seen it spelt as Chorni but im not sure what the correct spelling is. If you mean the word im thinking its Hello. My boyfriend always say Chorni Bashe.The word you are thi (MORE)

On which continent is Kurdistan?

Asia. Kurdistan consists of parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran  and is entirely in Asia.    The closest areas of Kurdistan to Europe are around 300 miles away.
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