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Is Kurdistan free?

When speaking of Kurdistan, it is typically assigned the status of the area of Northern Iraq, Southern Turkey, Western Iran and Eastern Syria. The Kurds there do not have an o (MORE)

How can you have a Kurdistan visa?

Kurdistan is not an independent nation, it is rather a name used to  classify an area which is mainly inhabited by Kurds. Since it is  not a country or nation there is no re (MORE)

Who were the leaders of the free soil political party?

    Although short lived "1848-1852", this third party sent two Senators and fourteen Representatives to the thirty-first Congress.     *The main party leaders (MORE)

Who is the president of Kurdistan?

Currently, Kurdistan is not a united country. As a result the different regions of Kurdistan are ruled differently. Only in Iraq do the Kurds have enough autonomy to have thei (MORE)

What was an effect of the free soil-party?

It paved the way for antislavery politics
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Why was the free Soil Party founded?

The Free Soil Party was founded to help prevent the spread of slavery and slave owners into the western territories. Some members even wanted to ban free blacks from the terri (MORE)

What ideas did the free soil party promote?

The free soil party promoted the Wilmot Proviso. They were an anti-slavery group who essential promoted abolition.
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When was Kurdistan divided and who did it?

Answer 1   There was never a state called Kurdistan, so therefore it has never  really been divided. A more correct way to put it, is that it has  never been united. Dur (MORE)

What does Chone in kurdistan?

Ive seen it spelt as Chorni but im not sure what the correct spelling is. If you mean the word im thinking its Hello. My boyfriend always say Chorni Bashe.The word you are thi (MORE)