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How do you put five Digimon in your party?

you carn't. thers 5 slots so you can move your digimon around to use different strategies. EDIT: You can't have 5 Digimon fighting at once, but you can put 3 Digimon in the R (MORE)

What are the five purposes of political parties?

    1. choosing, labeling, and vouching for candidates   2. disseminating political information and opinions to the populace   3. acting as an institutional "wat (MORE)

How do you get into a party?

You first have to get invited to a party. Which means you have to be the party type person. No one will want to invite you in your boring and not to fun to hang out with.So be (MORE)

What to do on a party?

what u do at a party depends on if your hosting it or its someone else's party. if its your party:- *be a good host *have a few party games *talk a little about what going on (MORE)