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Beside the pasig by Jose Rizal?

Beside the Pasig was a one-act zarzuela, written in Spanish by the  National Hero of the Philippines, Jose Rizal. It was entitled Junto  al Pasig in Spanish.

Why pasig river polluted?

pasig river is bravely polluted because the people in manila make this a toilet bowl i mean The river became the city’s toilet   bowl that's why it is polluted.    (MORE)

Lyrics of mutya ng pasig?

  MUTYA NG PASIG Music by Nicanor Abelardo Lyrics by Deogracias del Rosario Kung gabing ang buwan sa langit ay nakadungaw; Tila ginigising ng habagat sa kany (MORE)
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How do you get to BIR pasig branch?

when you reach robinsons galleria near shaw blvd.. ride a jeep with a signboard UGONG then tell driver to drop you off to "Kapitolyo" then ride another jeep where you could te (MORE)
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Where is the location of BIR Pasig Ortigas?

BIR is the Bureau of Internal Revenue in the Philippines. It has  two district offices. The BIR for East Pasig is located at the  Rudgen Bldg. Shaw Blvd. Brgy. San Antonio, (MORE)

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