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What is a muster station?

Muster station is the place a person is to report to for accounting purposes. In the Navy that is usually the place that the Morning Orders are read and role call is taken. Ty (MORE)
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What is a fireman's muster?

Firemen games. Firemen fri=om different departments meet and compete in different challenges to see who is the best.

What does muster mean?

Muster means to gather together. The soldiers mustered on the parade ground. The cowboys spent all day mustering the cattle ready to begin the annual cattle drive.
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What is a muster stick?

I've searched for this answer on the web and found little to no information so I'm going to tell you what was told to me when I was introduced. The validity of the answer may (MORE)
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What does it mean to pass constitutional muster?

It means to withstand a legal challenge on Constitutional grounds.  An unconstitutional law is one that will not "pass Constitutional  muster," and would be overturned by th (MORE)