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Is passive aggressiveness emotional abuse?

Passive aggressiveness seems like it would be a result of emotional abuse rather than a cause or type of emotional abuse. But if you think about it, maybe it could cause emoti (MORE)

Is a Passive-Aggressive person abusive?

Passive-aggressive behavior is, by definition, abusive - it contains a pronounced component of aggression. To consistently frustrate someone else's expectations and efforts is (MORE)

What is the difference between assertive passive and aggressive behavior?

Passive - Shy Let people push them around usually hunch over not intimidating don't stand up for themselves says sorry a lot shifts there weight around uncertain (MORE)

What is passive aggressive behavior?

Passive-aggressive Husband . I finally found out what my 20 year frustration was all about - being married to a passive-aggressive man. I believe this is a learned behavior (MORE)

Someone told you they are passive aggressive with an impulse disorder what does that mean?

Passive-aggressive people vent their anger indirectly. They are the people who key cars when someone cuts them out of their parking space, or show up two hours late and spoil (MORE)

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