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What does a pastiche mean?

A work of art that imitates the style of some previous work.. A hodgepodge; an incongruous combination of different styles and ingredients.
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What is a pastiche?

\n \n\n \nA pastiche is a work of art that is basically made as an intentional imitation of any artist's style. It is not a direct copy of an artwork, but an original work whi (MORE)

What is an example of pastiche?

Pastiche is something written in the style of someone else. In the song "I Dig Rock and Roll Music" by Peter, Paul and Mary, they perform verses in the style of Donovan, The B (MORE)
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What are some popular examples of a pastiche?

A pastiche can be in film, art, literature or music. Considered to be a re-creation of something that has preceded it, it surpasses just being a copy by being more of an homag (MORE)