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What is theology?

The study of God. The word "theology" comes from the Greek words theos, which means "God," and logos, which means "word." So, in the simplest sense, theology is the study of G (MORE)

What is a pastor?

A pastor is either a minister or priest in a Christian church, or,in its less common sense, a shepherd.
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What does a pastor do?

A pastor does many, many things; largely depending on the congregation's size and whether or not there are more than one pastor. If the church is large and there is multiple p (MORE)

What is critical theology?

  Critical theology is the study of religion and God from an analytical and often comparative point of view. Critical Theologians actively relate faith traditions and prac (MORE)

What is the significance of theology?

all religions ( doctrines ) of the world tie into dealing with different spiritual elements and levels in when dealing with the different spiritual levels. when faced with es (MORE)
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Do you have to have a pastor?

The word "pastors" is only in the New Testament once. The word "pastor" in its singular use is never used. No one person in the New Testament is called a pastor. This term and (MORE)

How many years of theology does a pastor have to take?

It is different for different churches. Some pastors, particularly in evangelical churches, aren't required to take any theology at all. Protestant denominations don't necessa (MORE)

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What is theology and what is for?

Theology is the study of God, His nature and attributes, and His relations with man and the universe. Christians believe the universe was created by God. Christians believe th (MORE)