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Who introduced cornish pasties?

Traditional pasties originate from Cornwall, England hence the name Cornish Pasties. Pasties were made for tin miners who could eat their lunches easily and efficiently while (MORE)

Where and when were cornish pasties first made?

The first Cornish pasty was made in Cornwall in about the 1800's.
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Why is my cornbread dressing too pasty?

it probably has to much broth or if you add eggs there may be to many.
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How many calories in a cheese pasty?

Ginsters (130g) Cheese and Onion pasty is 511 kcal, 33 grams of fat. Tescos (150g) Cheese and Onion pasty is 416 kcal, 26 grams of fat. Sainsburys (150g) Cheese and Onion (MORE)

What does pale pasty face mean?

That you are pale and look sick like your on crack like that guy from Harry potter that is pasty I mean having pale fair skin is beautiful cuz u look Like a Dollfie but not pa (MORE)