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Who introduced cornish pasties?

Traditional pasties originate from Cornwall, England hence the name Cornish Pasties. Pasties were made for tin miners who could eat their lunches easily and efficiently while (MORE)
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Can you have white pasty mucus right before period?

Yes. It's perfectly normal :-) It changes to quite thick & White. You're not fertile so not only is your cervix closed but your body is ridding itself of everything to make (MORE)

Will fresh pineapple turn a spiral ham pasty when baked?

Fresh pineapple contains an enzyme, Bromelain, that breaks down collagen, the stuff that holds meat together. In small amounts and in short exposure times this can make a toug (MORE)

What are the main ingredients for a Cornish pasty?

A Cornish Pasty is a small meat filled pastry that is triangular in shape. As well as meat, there usually are vegetables like peas and carrots (although some say carrots shoul (MORE)

How do you cook a cornish pasty in a microwave?

Cornish Pasties need to be baked in a conventional oven, trying tocook them from raw in a microwave will result in the pastry beingovercooked and too tough to eat before the f (MORE)
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How many calories in a cheese pasty?

Ginsters (130g) Cheese and Onion pasty is 511 kcal, 33 grams of fat. Tescos (150g) Cheese and Onion pasty is 416 kcal, 26 grams of fat. Sainsburys (150g) Cheese and Onion (MORE)

What does pale pasty face mean?

That you are pale and look sick like your on crack like that guy from Harry potter that is pasty I mean having pale fair skin is beautiful cuz u look Like a Dollfie but not pa (MORE)