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What does pasties mean?

Answer . Pasties are basically nipple covers. They are 'pasted' on to the breast over the nipple with an adhesive therefore showing the whole breast minus the nipple.

Why is a pasty cornish?

A Cornish pasty (or pastie) is a small, savoury pie. It normally contains meat and vegetables. Here is a link to a recipe:.
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Is there meat in pasties?

Pasties being plural for pasty is sometimes considered a meat pie. They originated from Cornwall, England over 900 years ago. Along with a variety of vegetables, meat (beef, f (MORE)
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What are pastie?

Pasties cover the woman's aereolas or nipples in situations where the woman doesn't want to show them. Many actresses use them on movie sets to cover up.

Where is pasty on HorseIsle?

Once you are on lava isle,you will see Ashton.Take the road to Ashton and go west.Make sure you stay on the road though. Take the road straight to the beach. Once on the beach (MORE)

Why does your chicken have pasty butt?

Pasty vent is a digestive problem and is caused by poor feed or intestinal bacteria. You will need to change the feed or the feeding habits. You can also purchase a tonic from (MORE)

What is an Irish pastie?

An Irish pastie, traditionally speaking, is a combination of potatoes, onions, spices, and minced pork. Those ingredients are mixed together to form what looks like a burger p (MORE)