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What nerve is tested in patellar reflex?

The Femoral nerve. Wikipedia: Striking the patellar tendon with a tendon hammer just below the patella stretches the quadriceps muscles in the thigh. This stimulates stretch (MORE)

What is patellar luxation?

  It is a common disease of small and medium breeds of Dog. It is when the knee cap luxates - or dislodges - and can cause lameness to the dog.

What is patellar mobs?

  Patellar mobs (mobilizations) are when a physician or therapist moves your knee cap (patella) either up and down or side to side. This is done to encourage proper joint (MORE)

What was the effect of mental distraction on your ability to produce the patellar reflex?

It increases the reflex action.    "Because of the complexity of the nervous system and the large number of stimuli constantly impinging on the body, the activity of ne (MORE)

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