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Can you patent a idea?

Yes, some ideas can be patentable, but not all ideas. Some ideas  might be better protected by trademark or copyright protection,  while others might not be protectable at a (MORE)

How do you get a patent?

Contact a patent practitioner (patent agent or patent attorney) for assistance. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has lists and addresses of patent practitioners i (MORE)

What is patent mapping?

Patent mapping is the process of matching each limitation of a patent claim to a potentially infringing product or service. So if the patent claim recites limitations X, Y, an (MORE)

Why do you get a patent?

A patent grants the holder the right to exclude others from making,  using, selling, offering for sale, or importing the patented  invention for the term of the patent. Pate (MORE)

What are patents?

A patent is a right, conferred by a government, to the exclusive right to the use of an invention. It lasts for a limited period of time, during which anyone who wants to use (MORE)

What is emancipation patent?

Section 2. After the tenant-farmer shall have fully complied with the requirements for a grant of title under Presidential Decree No. 27, an Emancipation Patent and/or Grant s (MORE)

What does a patent cover?

Patents protect inventions ("useful process, machine, article of manufacture, composition of matter"), designs ("ornamental characteristics"), and new plant hybrids. Pharmaceu (MORE)

Why are patents needed?

Because developing an idea into a useful, sellable product can cost money, sometimes really large amounts of money. If there wasn't patents, then anyone could buy one of your (MORE)