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Is cancer a pathogen?

Cancer itself is not a pathogen, i.e. it is not an infectious agent communicated from one living being to another. It is a condition, the condition of unregulated cell growth. (MORE)

Is a pathogen unicellular?

It depends, pathogens can be multicellular (cestoda, fungi),  unicellular (bacteria) or they can have non-cellular build  (viruses, prions).
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What is a true pathogen and an opportunistic pathogen?

True Pathogen- are capable of causing disease in healthy persons with normal immune defenses ex. influenza virus, plague bacillus, and ect Opportunistic pathogen- cause disea (MORE)

What s a pathogen?

A pathogen or infectious agent is a biological agent that causes  disease or illness to its host. The term is most often used for  agents that disrupt the normal physiology (MORE)

Is Euglena a pathogen?

  First of all, a Euglena is a protist (to be more specific, a plant-like protist, aka Algae), from the kingdom Protista. A pathogen is bacteria that causes disease. Eugle (MORE)

What are pathogenic bacteria?

This is bacteria that causes disease to all living objects. It means that the bacteria are able to produce enterotoxins. . Bacteria that cause disease.
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What is a true pathogen?

A true pathogen is capable of causing certain diseases in a  person's body because it capitalizes on a body when the body's  immune defenses are compromised. Examples are in (MORE)

Types of pathogens?

Pathogens are microorganisms causing illness in other living  things. Pathogens can be classified as prions, viruses, bacteria,  fungi, protists, or helminthes.

What are airborne pathogens?

An airborne pathogen is a disease or sickness that can be  transmitted through the air. This includes various viruses, fungi,  and bacteria. These may be spread by coughing, (MORE)