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What color would non pathogenic staphylococcus epidermidis agar be after the growth of the bacteria?

Well it depends on which type of agar preparation you use. For example, if you use a mannitol NaCl salt agar it'll contain a red phenol dye which is a pH indicator. If a mic (MORE)

What are bacteria?

Bacteria (plural of bacterium) are microscopicsingle-celled organisms (prokaryotes) that reproduce by binary fission, i.e. one cell splits into two, the two cells split into f (MORE)

Why are there fewer drugs for eukaryotic pathogens than for bacteria?

Unlike bacteria, eukaryotic pathogens have less features that differ from host cells and thus less targets to work with: • e.g., ribosomes and other metabolic processes are (MORE)

Are all bacteria are pathogenic?

  No. Almost all bacteria are not. There are bacteria everywhere performing essential functions like breaking down dead animals and plants. Bacteria are essential to healt (MORE)

How does Pathogenic bacteria or viruses or fungi can enter the body through?

 Broken or inflamed skin, such as a cut or a scratch. They also  can enter through a bruise or a rash. Intact skin is an effective  barrier to infection.   The mouth ( (MORE)
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Is sars a pathogen?

SARS is not a pathogen, it is an syndrome similar to AIDS. It is caused by a virus called coronavirus, but it is the mutated strain.
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How do you remove pathogenic bacteria from a wastewater treatment plant?

Just beyond the visible light spectrum is a band of electromagnetic radiation commonly called ultra-violet (UV) light. When ultraviolet radiation is absorbed by the cells of m (MORE)