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Are all bacteria are pathogenic?

  No. Almost all bacteria are not. There are bacteria everywhere performing essential functions like breaking down dead animals and plants. Bacteria are essential to healt (MORE)
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Is bacteria the same thing as a pathogen?

Bacteria can be pathogens, but there are also many other types of pathogens. Bacteria are specific types of single celled organisms. Some bacteria cause disease, some do not. (MORE)

What are pathogenic bacteria?

This is bacteria that causes disease to all living objects. It means that the bacteria are able to produce enterotoxins. . Bacteria that cause disease.
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Are pathogens harmful bacteria?

The term pathogen is derived from the Greek παθογένεια, "birth of pain." or "that which produces suffering" and that's basically what a pathogen is. It is an agent t (MORE)

Where do pathogenic bacteria usally live?

Human pathogens are those organisms which cause disease in humans. Certain viruses, bacteria, protozoa, round worms, flatworms, and insects can live inside humans. Most bacter (MORE)