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Pathway of blood?

Pathway of Blood Memorization . A . = . Auricle . R ighteous. = . Right A-V Valve . R at . = . Right Ventricle . P ulls. = . (MORE)

What is the anabolic pathway?

The anabolic pathways in the human body is what is responsible forconstructing molecules from other units. They essentially assistwith the building up of organs and tissues.
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Pathway of egg?

Egg/ovum is discharged from ovary of the female reproductive organ.The egg discharged from ovary passes through fallopian tube and reaches the uterus.Finally it gets out throu (MORE)
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What is a contralateral pathway?

A contralateral motor pathway is a neutral pathway located at theopposite side of the brain. It is on the eighth nerve of thecochlear nucleus.
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What is a brain pathway?

You can think of a brain pathway as a power line that connects two brain regions. Brain pathways are made up of interconnected neurons along which signals are transmitted from (MORE)
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What is a geobiochemical pathway?

A geo (earth) bio (life) chemical (molecules/elements) pathway is a fancy way of saying nutrient cycle. Nutrients are a chemical which travels a cyclic path between th (MORE)

What is visual pathway?

The visual pathway is the pathway taken by a nerve impulse triggered by lightas it travels from the retina to the visual cortex, in the occipital lobe of the brain. An impulse (MORE)