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How to sew patiala salwar kameez?

There is an excellent pattern for the experienced sewer in Folkwear Pattern #135 in the link I have provided. . See also the Butterick pants and tunic pages choose from the ( Full Answer )
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How do you cut the patiala salwar?

Answer Answer 2 See the links shown below. salwar pants or patiala pants go to Youtube at; adithisammasews dot com for a Patiala pants pattern.
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How do you cut patiala salwar?

Make sure the cloth is 3 yards long. Fold the fabric in half thelong way and mark two 45 inch lengths of folded materials. Measurehip and ankle and transfer half the hip measu ( Full Answer )
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How do you cut and sew patiala salwar?

How to Sew Patiala Salwar . Genie pants! That's what you might call these... but their "original" name is Patiala Salwar... a traditional Indian folk pants worn under a loose ( Full Answer )
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How is RGNUL Patiala law school?

It is one of the most promising law colleges of India, established in the year 2006. It is at present functioning at Mohindra Kothi, Patiala. It's main campus is coming up in ( Full Answer )
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What is the history of Patiala?

patiala was a kingdom established by first ruler Baba Ala Singh after whose name Patti+ Ala - patiala was given. Ala Singh was antecedent of the family blessed by sixth Sikh g ( Full Answer )
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Who is the ceo of the bank of patiala?

The board of directors of state bank of Patiala are: Mr. O.P. Bhatt is the Chairman. Mr. R. Sridharan is the Managing Director & Group Executive Mr. Ashok Nayar is the Managin ( Full Answer )
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Where is the canon showroom in patiala?

Canon Dealer in patiala INTEK SYSTEM & SERVICES . Address : SCO-20, 21, NEW LEELA BHAWAN, OPP KAMAL LABORATRY, PATIALA . City : Patiala Landmark : . Sta ( Full Answer )