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What is patriarchal hegemony?

Hegemony is when a social group claims a dominating position in a  social hierarchy. In this case, patriarchal hegemony is the  dominant social position of the men and the s (MORE)
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What is the patriarchal dividend?

the patriarchal dividend is the privilege that is given to all men in a society that, openly or otherwise, favors males, maleness, or masculinity. this does not mean that all (MORE)

What is patriarchal family?

A patriarchal family is one where the father is the autocratic head of the family. The father makes all the decisions. The mother and children, even adult children, must follo (MORE)

What is Patriarchal Theory?

It is now universally accepted that the organization of the state I began in the primitive family. The state is an enlargement of the family, The view appears to be highly pla (MORE)

Why is Abraham called a patriarch?

Abraham is called a patriarch because he was one of the three forefathers of the Israelite Nation. The definition of patriarch is: "One of the scriptural fathers of the huma (MORE)

The Patriarchal Theory?

this theory espouses the concept that the state resulted from the continuous growth of the family. developed and further enlarging family circle,the head of the first family w (MORE)
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What does patriarch mean?

It is a religious Christian rank for Christian religious leaders. see link before. The male head of a family or tribe, one who rules by reason of age and beginning The Pat (MORE)

Why did the patriarchs live so long?

Another answer from our community:    Because God had created a world in which conditions were optimized  for human beings. For example,   -The atmosphere was much (MORE)

Is the church patriarchal?

Yes, in that there are spiritual heads of jurisdictions, such as the Patriarch of Jerusalem or the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople. But not in the modern sense of the w (MORE)