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Was J C Higgins sold by sears to Ted Williams?

No, j.c.higgins was made by several gunmakers for sears between 1946 and 1962 for retail. Ted Williams just used his name as a marketing tool for a certain model and number of (MORE)

Summarized patricia of the green hills?

Patricia of the Green Hills by:Maximo D. Ramos When my friend Jose Lactaotao lost his Muslim wife and his two sons in the malaria epidemic that devastated the Maguindanao del (MORE)

Where did Patricia bath grow up?

she grew up in Harlem nyc with her parents wonce she finished college a few years later she married dr.beny j. prime had a daughter then the family moved to LA and now the dau (MORE)
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Who is patricia rodilosso from ABC sports?

She is a former producer for ABC Sports. She was also the gorgeous darkhaired babe in the Bertie Higgins music video "Key Largo" from the 80's.
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Who did William J Bryan run against for president?

William Jennings Bryan was the Democratic Party's nominee for President of the United States in 1896, 1900 and 1908. In 1896 and 1900 Bryan was defeated by William McKinley. I (MORE)

When did patricia bath die?

she is not dead she is still living she never died she is still alive she was just born peace out Novenber 4, 1942 2:31
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William J levitt contributed to the growth of suburbs by?

William J. Levitt contributed to the growth of suburbs by  mass-producing houses in large developments at a low cost. The  first houses he mass-produced sold for just under (MORE)