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Who made the 999 fine 1 troy ounce silver cameo collector's bar with John F. Kennedy picture on it?

The Madison Mint produced a presidential cameo series set of art bars starting with George Washington and ending with Ronald Reagan. The front cameo was the same for all bars (MORE)

Is Joseph Patrick Kennedy alive?

No, John F. Kennedy's father died of a stroke in 1969. JFK's brother Joe Jr died in 1944 flying for the RAF. He was flying a plane full of bombs that he was going to drop over (MORE)

When did Kennedy get shot?

John F. Kennedy was assassinated on 22 November 1963. His brother Robert (Bobby) Kennedy was assassinated on 6 June 1968.
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Was Patrick Kennedy the son of John and Jackie Kennedy always buried at Arlington?

Patrick Kennedy was not always buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Patrick Bouvier Kennedy was first laid to rest in the Kennedy family cemetery in Boston shortly after his (MORE)

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How rich are the Kennedys?

In 1969, TIME magazine reported that their wealth was estimated to be about $400 Million. Joe Sr. invested heavily in Manhattan real estate and made huge profits. There is som (MORE)

What Did Patrick Bouvier Kennedy Die From?

The second son of President John F. Kennedy, Patrick B. Kennedy died from respiratory distress syndrome (RDS) when he was only two days old, on August 9, 1963. He was born 5 1 (MORE)

What did Robert Kennedy do?

RFK was the attorney general for the United States from 1961 to 1964. He then was elected US Senator from New York and was a promising candidate for the Democratic Presidentia (MORE)

What is Kennedy syndrome?

Kennedy's Disease is a rare, incurable and X-linked recessive  genetic disease. Muscle weakness and wasting are noticed throughout  the body and is most noticeable in the ar (MORE)