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Why Did Admiral Leahy think use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was ethically wrong?

Actually, he didn't. The notion that Leahy objected to the atomic bomb on ethical grounds is a distortion of a conversation he had with Truman after being notified of the deci (MORE)

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Who was Saint Patrick?

Saint Patrick St Patrick was the Englishman who introduced Christianity to Ireland. The man himself, St. Patrick, was born in Wales in 385 AD (His given name was Maewyn). S (MORE)

Why did admiral leahy feel the use of the atomic bomb on japan was unnecessary?

  Answer   He believed that continued bombing attacks and a naval blockade would finish off all Japenese resistance. He also objected to the atomic bombs use on th (MORE)

Who is Patrick Henry?

He became famous after he defended the Parson's Cause which was the right of the Virginia colony to fix the price of tobacco. Henry earned his law license in 1760. In 1765, (MORE)
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Who was St. Patrick and what did he do?

He was born between 387 and 390 at Scotland as Maewyn Succat and died between 461 and 464 at Saul, County Down, Ireland of natural causes. St. Patrick was actually a missionar (MORE)

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