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What is the name of the boat with the big propeller on the back that goes through rivers called?

An airboat. They use them in the Everglades because there's no prop in the water to hurt the alligators, but they're also great in the North. They use flat-bottom Jon boats to (MORE)

Who is in snow patrol?

Gary Lightbody - lead vocals rhythm guitar, piano Nathan Connolly - lead guitar, backing vocals Jonny Quinn - drums, percussion Tom Simpson - keyboard, samples Paul Wilson - b (MORE)
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Why it is easier to sail a boat in sea water than river water?

Sea water contains many dissolved minerals and ions that cause it to be more dense than fresh water. Because of this, objects sea water exhibit greater buoyancy in sea water t (MORE)

What is preventive patrol?

Preventive Patrol is the most relied upon of the five core operational strategies of policing. According to Frank Schmalleger, it "has been the backbone of police work since t (MORE)

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What is BMC Patrol?

  What is BMC Patrol?   BMC Patrol is industry-leading minitoring software used to monitor mulitple IT environments and components from a single window. Patrol can be (MORE)

What is apprehension patrol?

Apprehension patrol, is patrolling in a covert or low-visibilty patrol to engage violators in selected unlawful behavior.
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What is traditional patrol?

Traditional policing is/was mainly reactive in nature. That is, police patrol the streets during their shift and react to what crimes and/or infractions are being committed. T (MORE)