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What is Saint Juliana the patron saint of?

One of the problems with the Saints is that throughout the 2000 year history of the Christian Church there have simply been so many saintly people, many of whom have had the s (MORE)
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What is Saint Aoife the patron saint of?

as far as I know, there is no saint Aoife- Aoife Dearg was the daughter of the king of connacht, and the mother of Cuchulainns son was caled Aoife. I've looked it up a couple (MORE)
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What is Saint Marina the patron saint of?

If you are referring to St. Margaret of Antioch who is sometimes referred to as Marina she is the patron saint of: * against kidney disease * against loss of milk by nurs (MORE)

What is Saint Jennifer the patron saint of?

Of education. I can find no patronages for St. Jennifer of Athelburgh. In fact, I can find very little information about her. The name Jennifer is also contemporary derivative (MORE)

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Who is Saint Raphael Patron Saint of?

St. Raphael Patron Saint protects the blind; helps to cure bodily ills and eye problems; counselors; druggists; happy meetings; healers; health inspectors; health technicians; (MORE)