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What is patronage?

Term refers to the giving of government jobs to people who hadhelped a candidate get elected.

What does patronage mean?

Answer . Quite simply, patronage is some form of support, usually money and/or resources, from someone with more money than you who likes you and/or who willingly offers a (MORE)

Patronage in a sentence?

Patronage, simply put, basically means offices or jobs. Writing a good sentence is where you can use it to tell what the word means. Here's mine: Patronage was beginning to (MORE)

What is debt patronage?

Debt patronage , a system common to regions of acute labor shortages, notably central Mexico. Debt patronage took form during the late sixteenth century. Debt patronage ben (MORE)

What is the significance of patronage?

Patronage is the system of political, financial or social support that people give to each other. Usually - and since the time of ancient Rome - it means that a socially impor (MORE)