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Who made patron?

Patrón is a luxury brand of tequila produced in Mexico and sold in hand-blown, individually numbered bottles. The Patrón Spirits Company, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, was f (MORE)
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What does patrons mean?

There are two definitions of the word Patron. To be a Patron means to be a "Customer, Consumer, or Participant in" If Joe shops at the local butcher store each week, he is a (MORE)
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What is a worthy patron?

The male head of an Eastern Star Chapter. He is a liaison to the Grand Lodge and assists the Worthy Matron with the performance of her duties.

What is a library patron?

  A library patron is someone who uses, or "patronizes," a library. Typically, this person gets a library card, browses the available books, CDs, DVDs, etc., and either se (MORE)

What is patronism?

Patronism is a practice or a culture in business and society that is based on personal relations for advancements in position, income, and exposure. Under a system of patronis (MORE)

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