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What is a pattern?

For art it would be: Clothing Fabrics/Fabrics. For math:there is a pattern in these numbers: 2, 7, 12, 17, 22, ... theyfollow a rule start at 2 and add 5 each time

What is pattern?

Pattern for a garment is the blue print on the basis of which the fabric is cut and the same is achieved by two methods: Flat Pattern Method and Draping Method. Flat Patt (MORE)

What is patternicity?

The tendency to find patterns where there are none. According to a recent study, evolution favors patternicity because it's safer to detect a false threat than to ignore a rea (MORE)
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Is there a pattern in pi?

No, there are no ongoing patterns. There are some micro-patterns inside pi (such as 123456789) but they have no meaning.

What is anorexia patterns?

There are many "patterns" or "habits" of those who suffer from anorexia. Some common ones are... *Weight loss *Dressing / acting differently *Odd food habits (extreme die (MORE)

What are patterns of crime?

Often involves the use of police statistics to determine where crime is committed, who committed it, who is victimized, and what are the major dimensions of the criminal act. (MORE)