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Is big Tigger patti labell son?

Yes I do believe he is because when he hosted 106 & Park she would come on and they would play around, and he would call her mom and she would joke around too by telling him n (MORE)

Is Patti Labelle a light coloratura soprano?

She`s a very soulful dramatic (coloratura) soprano, because she`s got a very big and heavy voice, but she is also very high and agile. Other dramatic sopranos are Jill Scott o (MORE)

Who is Patti LaBelle married to?

In 1969, Patti LaBelle was married to Armstead Edwards. Pattie and  Armstead made it public that they were separating in 2000 and  finalized their divorced in 2003.

Did patti labelle have a nose job? an interview with Sinbad, she mentioned that "she did not want a small nose; she wanted a regular looking 'black girl' nose." Unless she was joking, her words, not m (MORE)

What is patti labelle worth?

Patti LaBelle is worth $12, 000, 000, 000 ($20 Billion) This is the math that amount to the sum above. CD Sales: $3, 000, 000, 000 ($3 Billion) Concert Sales: $7, 000, 000, (MORE)

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