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What is patti labelle worth?

Patti LaBelle is worth $12, 000, 000, 000 ($20 Billion) This is the math that amount to the sum above. CD Sales: $3, 000, 000, 000 ($3 Billion) Concert Sales: $7, 000, 000, (MORE)

Is Patti Labelle a light coloratura soprano?

She`s a very soulful dramatic (coloratura) soprano, because she`s got a very big and heavy voice, but she is also very high and agile. Other dramatic sopranos are Jill Scott o (MORE)

Is big Tigger patti labell son?

Yes I do believe he is because when he hosted 106 & Park she would come on and they would play around, and he would call her mom and she would joke around too by telling him n (MORE)

Did patti labelle have a nose job? an interview with Sinbad, she mentioned that "she did not want a small nose; she wanted a regular looking 'black girl' nose." Unless she was joking, her words, not m (MORE)