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What did Paul do as a Christian?

He preached to cities that hated him, he sent letters to cities who wanted to learn about Christ, and he was a disciple of God, disciple means follower, and he was a missionar (MORE)

What are the letters of Paul?

Paul wrote 14 letters to the Christian congregations and people in his area, encouraging and reprimanding where needed, to keep everyone unified and on the right 'road'(1 Cori (MORE)
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Which is correct Paul and me or Paul and I?

Paul and I is correct depending upon the context. It is incorrect to say "The forms were sent to Paul and I," because the forms were not sent to "I," they were sent to "me." I (MORE)

Where was Paul from and was he a apostles?

Paul was born in Tarsus, he was of the tribe of Benjamin, he was a tent maker and wanted to persecute the jews. ANSWER: One of the in 'one of the 12 apostles (MORE)

What is the difference between a carrack and a Galleon?

A Carrack had rather high forecastle and sterncastle and was usually smaller than the Galleon. Therefore, the Galleon had less superstructure above the waterline which gave le (MORE)

Who was Paul of Samosata?

Paul of Samosata was an heretical patriach of Antioch in Syria (from 260 to 272AD). He believed "that Christ was a human being, even if miraculously conceived, who was filled (MORE)

When was the first carrack ship made?

Somewhere around the mids 1400. The Hanseatic League had their first in 1462, the "Peter von Danzig". Since the carrack is atributed to Portuguese sailors, and since it seems (MORE)