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What makes the elmers glue sticky?

The Polyvinyl acetate that it is made from gets stickier as it dries. This is the operating principle of this adhesive.
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Was peter or paul more important?

Although Paul was a great writer, Peter held the keys to the kingdom.      Each played their part, however neither was more important than anyone else.   " (MORE)
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Which guitar is more expensive fender or les paul?

You have the right idea but your' kinda asking if a Chevy is more expensive than a ford. In guitars, just like cars, prices are all over the place. Both Fender and Gibson make (MORE)

Who sang more lead songs John or Paul?

I've heard Paul sang lead in more songs than John but I've also heard John has sang lead in more than Paul, it would make more sense that John would of sang lead in more songs (MORE)

Who has more money Elvis Presley or Paul Mcartney?

Ok, Here's the thing, Elvis is dead (I think, but to be fair, some people think Paul is dead too!). So, I'll treat your question as, "Who's estate is worth the most, in proper (MORE)
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Who is Elmer fudd's wife?

In the only cartoon I can think of in which he's depicted as having one ("Don't Axe Me", where she's voiced by June Foray, better known as the voice of Rocket J. Squirrel and (MORE)

Who did more Christianity spreading paul or Constantine?

Both were important for the spread of Christianity. They were around at different times and gave different contributions. Paul the Apostle was one of the most important figur (MORE)

Who did more to spread Christianity - Paul or Constantine?

It was Paul. He made Christianity accessible to the gentiles (non-Jews) of the Roman Empire. The earliest Christians were Jews who preached the word of Christ to other Jews an (MORE)