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Can a French horn be in a jazz band?

Yes, it can. In most big bands, they are not commonly used. But in many jazz bands, there is a french horn section of three or four players. Giovanni Hoffer is a well known ja (MORE)

What is the life expectancy of a jazz musician?

The life expectancy of a jazz musician is no more or less than any other musician unless he has underlying health concerns. I don't know the life expectancy of musicians who (MORE)

What is the quote about mistake and jazz from a jazz musician?

There are many different versions of this quote. The two most famous are: "Once is a mistake, twice is jazz." "Once a mistake, twice an arrangement, three times is jazz." (MORE)

Why is the Utah Jazz called the Jazz?

They are originally from New Orleans, Home of jazz music. They moved to Utah sometime in the 80's.
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What are duties of a musician?

  The duties of a musician--- To be trained in their field, , to have and know what songs or music they will need to use for a particular singer. To arrange a piece of mus (MORE)
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Do does have horns?

it would be antlers, and no   A doe may have small bumps on her head where the antlers grow on a buck but that is all.
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A group of musicians?

this answer would have to be A BAND
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What education is needed to be a Jazz musician?

  You need basic music skills, and probably some basics in the blues. Then more chords, relating more to jazz like 13ths, 9ths, 11ths, and so on. There are colleges devote (MORE)