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What the aim of OSHA?

O.S.H.A or Occupational Safety and Health Administration....Its Job Is To Make Laws That Help Save Lives, Prevent Injuries, and Protect the Health of Workers. It prevent work- (MORE)
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How do you get out of aim?

Go all the way to the top of your Buddy List. On the top left you will see an option called AIM (not the bubble just the word). Click on it. The next to last option says 'sign (MORE)

What are the aims of ausAID?

I know three I'm not sure if there's more: - improve management in the government and strengthen their democracy - help maximize the benefits from trade and new technologi (MORE)

What is a Jacques statement?

A Jacques Statement is one that is designed to fit almost anybody during a certain point in their life. For example, for someone in their early twenties, a Jacques Statement m (MORE)

Who was Jacques Cousteau?

Jacques-Yves Cousteau (June 11th, 1910 - June 25th, 1997) was a French naval officer, explorer, ecologist, scientist, innovator, film-maker, photographer, author, and research (MORE)

What were Hirohito's aims?

The Japanese felt that they were a superior race and the intention was to express that by conquering the world and being the dominant nation. Hirohito's intention was to make (MORE)
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What are aims of volleyball?

By the aims of volleyball, if u mean goals, are to set up a play to score a point. If u mean where to hit the ball, you can hit/serve the ball into one of the 9 sections on co (MORE)