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Who was john paul jones-?

Scottish sailor and the United States' first well-known naval  fighter in the American Revolutionary War.
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Who killed Rev Paul Jones?

The Reverend Paul Jones was robbed and shot twice, leading to his  death. Alfonso Graham was charged in the slaying, but his trial  ended in a mistrial. He later pleaded gui (MORE)

Who were John Paul Jones' siblings?

Captain Jones was the fourth child of eight. He had an older brother named William; two older sisters; two younger siblings that died in infancy; and two other younger sisters (MORE)

Was John Paul Jones a patriot?

  Yes, John Paul Jones was an American Patriot,(although the question does not capitalise the word patriot and thus implies a patriot, ie a person loyal to one's country (MORE)

What were John Paul Jones accomplishments?

Briefly, there were many American heroes on land in the Revolutionary war, but John Paul Jones was America's first hero at sea. A natural sailor, Jones served on merchant ship (MORE)

What did John Paul Jones say and when?

  John Paul Jones's most famous phrase is "I have not yet begun to fight!" He said this to Captain Pearson of the H.M.S. Serapis during the Battle of Flamborough Head in 1 (MORE)
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