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What bass did john paul jones play?

1962 Fender Jazz Bass (used in studio and live performances)1951 Fender Precision Bass with the finish removed (used to play "Black Dog" and other songs live from 1971-1975)Fr (MORE)

Who was john paul jones-?

Scottish sailor and the United States' first well-known naval  fighter in the American Revolutionary War.
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What john paul Jones do that are so important?

  John Paul Jones secured the exchange of British captives for the freedom of American prisoners of war. He also captured a British ship carrying uniforms, winter clothes, (MORE)

Who were John Paul Jones' siblings?

Captain Jones was the fourth child of eight. He had an older brother named William; two older sisters; two younger siblings that died in infancy; and two other younger sisters (MORE)

What were John Paul Jones accomplishments?

Briefly, there were many American heroes on land in the Revolutionary war, but John Paul Jones was America's first hero at sea. A natural sailor, Jones served on merchant ship (MORE)

What did john paul Jones most famous battle have to do with the british?

John Paul Jones was the captain of the American ship Bonhomme Richard and commodore of a supporting flotilla that fought the British ship HMS Serapis off the coast of England (MORE)