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How did Justin tanner petersen die?

He passed away as a result of an overdose of prescription pain medication. He was suffering from advanced liver disease due to alcohol abuse and was taking the medication to e (MORE)
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What is the Petersen bowling format?

Where there is 40 points possible a night. 100% handicap league you bowl the person on the other team that bowls in the same postion as you do. If you bowl 1st you bowl the 1s (MORE)

What is the value of a Harald Petersen guitar?

There are two types, one made by the Father and the other made by his sons.In excellent condition dates up to mid 1960's and made by the father would retail around £1200. Eba (MORE)

Is William petersen married?

William Petersen married his longtime partner Gina Cirone in 2003. He has a child called Maite Nerea - which translates from Basque as 'my beloved' - from his first marriage (MORE)

What happened to petersen publishing company?

The Petersen Publishing Company (located in Los Angeles) was sold in 1996 to a private equity firm who then sold it to a British media company named EMAP. In 2001 EMAP sold th (MORE)
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Are the twins of William Petersen healthy?

Heard one is severely developmentally handicapped and the other died shortly after announcement was made. Sad to hear and sad no announcement made about condition.

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