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Did the Apostle Paul speak Latin?

  There is no specific evidence either way. My opinion is that he could have, since he was a scholarly and learned individual, but we cannot know for sure. It would seem l (MORE)

What is the significance of Paul in the Acts of the Apostles?

Essentially, Acts of the Apostles is consists of two major divisions, one principally about Peter and the other principally about Paul. Some say that Luke was making a subtle (MORE)

Did the apostle Paul have any sons?

  No, he was never married. The Bible does say that Paul had "sons in the faith," such as Timothy, but he didn't have any physical sons.
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What is the correct grammar - Apostle Paul or apostle Paul?

Opinion  I would say Apostle Paul wherever I use 'Apostle' as a title, in the same way as I would say Mr Smith, with 'Mr' capitalised. Less frequently, I would write 'apostle (MORE)

Where was Paul from and was he a apostles?

Paul was born in Tarsus, he was of the tribe of Benjamin, he was a tent maker and wanted to persecute the jews. ANSWER: One of the in 'one of the 12 apostles (MORE)

How Tall was Apostle Paul in the Bible?

  No one really knows. However, some ancient documents record very brief scanty details of his appearance - as a short man with a bald head and slightly bowed legs. Such i (MORE)

Was paul an apostle?

Yes. He was. He fit every criteria. He even saw Jesus. Because of his obedience to God. The message was spread though the Roman Empire. He started many churches including th (MORE)

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What is the mystery that the apostle Paul speaks of in 1 Corinthians?

The word mystery is used two times in 1Corinthians. Paul uses the  word mystery to talk about a truth truth not previously revealed,  but now made known to believers by the (MORE)