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Why was Paul Von Hindenburg important?

During World War I, he was a general who commanded the German Army, initially in the war against Russia. After much success there, he was made the overall commander of all Ger (MORE)

What is the value on a silver deutches Reich 1939 coin with Paul von Hindenburg on the front?

This coin was issued by the Nazi regime but honors Paul von Hindenburg, the last president of Germany before the Nazi takeover., a major German collectibles site, (MORE)

What was the Hindenburg and what did it do?

The Hindenburg was the name given to the largest airship, LZ129,  operated by Germany for trans-Atlantic flights. It was over 800  feet long and contained enough room for pa (MORE)

Did Hitler kill President Von Hindenburg?

  No one is sure. Right now the answer is possibly. Hitler could have injected snake venom into President Von Hindenburg, and made his heart stop but, no one has been ab (MORE)

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