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How did Paula Deens parents die?

Paula Deen's father died in 1966. He had a blood clot around a valve of his heart that went to his brain. Paula Deen lost her mother four years later from bone cancer. Paula (MORE)

How did Paula Deen become famous?

Paula Deen became famous by her restaurant The Lady and Sons became known. Once it hit popularity, she wrote a cook book called "The Lady and Sons Savannah Country Cook Book." (MORE)
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Why is Paula Creamer not golfing?

She has a thumb injury, and it has meant she hasn't played golf for most of this season.
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Who is Paula Abdul?

She is a judge on American Idol, but she is also a artist/ singer from the 80's, and 90's era. You can check out some of her music on itunes. Her strongest talent is DANCE. Wh (MORE)
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Where is Paula Jones from?

"She is From Arkansas. She was born in the year 1966 September 17. She is the lady who sued President Bill Clinton for Sexual Harassment. Her lawsuit was dismissed before tria (MORE)