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What is a homophone of pause?

In the US, the word "pause" is pronounced "paws." In the UK, Australia, and New Zealand (countries without a rhoticaccent), the word "pause" ( au word) is pronounced the sam ( Full Answer )
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What is a synonym for pause?

a synonym for "pause"... hmm... heres a list • stop • interupt • pause (haha) i cant think of any more :S
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What is pausing?

Pausing is when your tamagotchi does not grow or get hungry. This can delay evolving, so I only recommend it for serious purposes. Push A and B together to pause in versions 1 ( Full Answer )
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How do you pause mcafee?

To pause McAfee, you will want to right click on the small icon inthe toolbar. Then choose the pause command. You can also bring upyour list of programs, find the McAfee progr ( Full Answer )
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Is pause a verb?

The word pause can be used as a verb or noun. It can be used in two contexts. For instance 'there was a pause in the sentence' or 'the boy had to pause after he had been runni ( Full Answer )
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How do you pause fraps?

You cannot pause Fraps. The closest thing to it you can do isstop recording, then start a new session to 'un-pause' therecording.
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How do you pause time?

i don't know what you mean if you mean like pause the world that'snot possible it is possible but not how you see in the movies, to pause time youneed to be at an extremely h ( Full Answer )
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What is a dialing pause?

A dialing pause is exactly what it sounds like. It is a brief pausebetween dialed digits, for example to allow time for a secondarydial tone.
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What is pause and reflect?

It means don't act do nothing stop and think things over again then , make a decision and act on it
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What is a pause in phonetics?

A pause in phonetics is often needed between words. It is usually typed in as %, but you can also use @, which indicates a pause in breath. At the end of a clause, you should ( Full Answer )