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What is CTR Pay per click?

CTR is short for click through rate. If 100 people look at a web page and 3 of them click on an a link, you would have a 3% click through rate. Pay per click is an adverti (MORE)
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Where can you find a list of Pay Per Click sites?

When choosing which pay-per-click sites to utilize it's a good idea to research their reputation ahead of time. About's site has a topic devoted to PPC websites. Blackhtworl (MORE)

Difference between pay per click and pay per impression?

With Pay Per Click (PPC) the advertiser pays when a user clicks on the ad. With Pay Per Impression the advertiser pays each time the ad is displayed to a user. Rates are typ (MORE)

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What are pay per click programs?

PPC is an Internet marketing formula used to price online  advertisements. In PPC programs the online advertisers will  pay Internet Publishers the agreed upon PPC rate when (MORE)
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What advertising companies offer pay per click ads?

Some of the most known advertising companies that offer pay per click ads include Google AdWords, Yahoo!Search Marketing and Microsoft AdCenter. These advertising companies pa (MORE)