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Do you say do a payment or make a payment?

The correct way to is to say "make a payment." Your action isn't  doing anything besides actually making said payment, so "doing a  payment" would be incorrect. To use it co (MORE)

What is online payment?

  Simply put, using the bill companies website, you pay your bill via your computer by giving them your bank account numbers.
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What is a contra payment?

A contra payment occurs where you owe money to someone, but they also owe money to you, therefore the debt of the person owing the lower amount is cancelled, the other only ne (MORE)

What is a irrevocable payment?

An irrevocable payment is one that signifies the fact that, no matter what the payment made would not be reversed. Lets say you make a credit card payment to your card usin (MORE)

Will you have two payments such as a mortgage payment and a equity payment?

not sure of the exact question - but i will go with what i think you are asking. "if you get a mortgatge will there be 2 separate payments involved?" NO. A mortgatge is a loan (MORE)

What is payment slip?

    A payment slip is a document sent by a creditor to a debtor with all the necessary information filled in in order a payment to take place. The debtor confirms the (MORE)

What is the balance of payment?

It is the balance of all international transactions of a country. Credits (inflows) such as from exports and investments received are positive and debits (outflows) such as im (MORE)

How do you get payment?

Get payments where and whatfor? If you want to get payments as a private person they can just wire transfer the money, if you want to sell something on the internet you can (MORE)
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What are mortgage payments?

They are payments you make on your house loan every month. If you are looking for specific mortgage payment amounts, there are many calculators out there to use. I will inclu (MORE)