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Will you have two payments such as a mortgage payment and a equity payment?

not sure of the exact question - but i will go with what i think you are asking. "if you get a mortgatge will there be 2 separate payments involved?" NO. A mortgatge is a loan (MORE)

What is RTGS payment?

What is RTGS? RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement. RTGS is the fastest money transferring mechanism between the banks. In RTGS, the transactions are processed and se (MORE)

What is payment?

if you had a job or done work around the house you would receive payment. when you work it is rather called wages but it means the same thing.

How do you get payment?

Get payments where and whatfor? If you want to get payments as a private person they can just wire transfer the money, if you want to sell something on the internet you can (MORE)

Do a payment?

Doing a payment is to express completing a payment. payment is done means it has been completed.

What are the instructions of payment?

Simply put, it is a letter or piece of paper telling an agent to carry out certain instructions. Examples are: 1.The issuing of a check (Cheque to some) 2.Making a cash (MORE)

Why the payment stop?

Payments are coming off of our credit card for a timeshare we thought we bought and did not get at all.What they sold us is useless in their own words.We can not keep paying f (MORE)

Do you say do a payment or make a payment?

The correct way to is to say "make a payment." Your action isn'tdoing anything besides actually making said payment, so "doing apayment" would be incorrect. To use it correctl (MORE)