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Do you say do a payment or make a payment?

The correct way to is to say "make a payment." Your action isn't  doing anything besides actually making said payment, so "doing a  payment" would be incorrect. To use it co (MORE)

Will you have two payments such as a mortgage payment and a equity payment?

not sure of the exact question - but i will go with what i think you are asking. "if you get a mortgatge will there be 2 separate payments involved?" NO. A mortgatge is a loan (MORE)

What is RTGS payment?

What is RTGS?  RTGS stands for Real Time Gross Settlement. RTGS is the fastest money transferring  mechanism between the banks. In RTGS, the transactions are processed and s (MORE)

What are payment terms?

  Answer   Payment terms are the arrangement that you have with your creditor for repaying the obligation to them. For example, if you borrow $100 USD, and you agre (MORE)
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What is e-payment?

e-payment is when you make a payment online ie. bank transfer. This is usually used when buying stuff in a web shop.
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What is your mortgage payment?

A mortgage payment is an agreement entered into with a lender, which the borrower pays a monthly "mortgage" payment until the dept is repaid. To figure out what your actual (MORE)

What are SWIFT Payments?

  Swift deal in interbank communications specialising in international transfers - see link below (MORE)

What are instruments of payments?

There are so many different types instruments of payments. The most  common ones cheques, wire transfers, credit cards and so many  others.
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What is a retro payment?

If i now what you mean then is say: Retros are free but you can get probs with sulake
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What are your monthly payments?

Monthy payments are payments you make every month, like a house  payment, loan payment, water, electric, gas (for heating), phone,  insurance if you pay monthly, etc.
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