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What is payola?

Payola is a term that was originally used to describe the money or other payment that was given in the music industry to get the radio stations to play an artist's music on ai ( Full Answer )
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Who was involved in the payola scandal?

The 1950s Payola scandal was primarily directed toward shutting down the idea of pay-for-play music: in the early years of radio, it was common for music to air based on a f ( Full Answer )
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What is some information about payola?

Taylor swift just recently had to pay 750,000 in in order for her newest hit to be played on the radio. its not about how good the songs are, the song could be horrible and ab ( Full Answer )
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Define payola in copyright?

Labels bribed deejays and radio stations to broadcast certain songs more frequently, resulting in higher copyright royalties for the songwriters.