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What is the Yankees payroll?

The Yankees' payroll for 2012 is $196,854,630, which is undoubtedly the highest payroll in all of baseball.
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What is payroll expense?

A payroll expense is an expense for an employee of a business. Itis what is used to pay the workers in a company or organization.
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What is the definition of a payroll?

A payroll is a list of people that you employ who you pay a wage or salary for the work they do for your company. This also includes details of any deductions taken from their ( Full Answer )
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What is payroll?

A Wage or monetary compensation paid to an employee for the service rendered by him is called PAYROLL
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Meaning of payroll and how is it calculated in payroll?

A payroll is, in layman's terms, the out goings a company has to spend on its staff or human resources. These are often very complicated and difficult to figure out due to fac ( Full Answer )
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What Payroll?

Payroll is a process to mange employees Salaries,Net pay tax deductions and their holiday pay. I know a web base solution of this problem with the name of "Simplepay".
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What is payroll cutoff?

This means that their isn't enough money in the budget to pay someone. And they will not work for that time.
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What is quickbooks payroll?

Quickbooks payroll is an enhanced payroll system software that makes it easier to pay employees, and gives more free time to other important tasks around the business.
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How can we manage payroll?

How to manage payroll Nothing dampens employee morale more quickly than an undependable payroll system. Not only that, but stiff penalties can quickly sap profits if errors ( Full Answer )
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How to payroll?

To do payroll, you must withhold, report and pay taxes by using the proper forms.