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What is the confederate battle cross?

This is the battle flag of the Confederate armies. It a blue diagonal cross (St. Andrews cross) with 13 white stars set in the bars. The cross is set on a red field. It was fi (MORE)

How did the confederates win the battle of chickamauga?

On the second day of the battle in the late morning, a massive  assault of 5 Confederate divisions against the right and the center  of Union Army, surprised three Union div (MORE)

What was a soldiers diet in the battle of vimy ridge?

Soldiers were given hardtack, a biscuit that was so hard that the men had to soak it with water before being able to eat it. they also ate canned meat called Bully beef, and p (MORE)

What happened to the confederate army after the Battle of Gettysburg?

The Confederate Army was able to withdraw after Gettysburg. The Rebels remained on the field the day after the battle, July 4, hoping the Yankees would attack them in their po (MORE)

What was confederates battle plan of Gettysburg?

The action began as a Battle of Encounter. Neither side knew the other was there. When the South was unable to seize the high ground of the surrounding hills, it tried a Battl (MORE)
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What happened at the battle of vimy ridge?

At the battle of Vimy Ridge, the Canadian troops attacked  German-held positions at the north end of the Battle of Arras.  Although the attack was originally conceived as a (MORE)