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What is peace building?

peace building is the effort to promote human security in societies marked by conflict,its to find peaceful ways of resolving conflict without violence  benjamin acheampong o (MORE)
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How can we have peace?

At a time of war and hatred, the chance of achieving world peace looks pretty slim. But, do not get tangled in the "no can do" attitude that can tangle us further. By supporti (MORE)
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Why educate for peace?

Peace is the core of everything. I disagree, education is the core. It is education that defeats ignorance and it is ignorance that allows injustice. If you look at any repre (MORE)

What are 3 peace efforts of the late 1800s and early 1900s?

Here's 4:   1) Nobel Peace Prize- to recognize persons or organizations that were making superior efforts at keeping peace. 2) The Concert of Europe- a series of meetings (MORE)

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What was the peace of Wedmore?

The Peace of Wedmore The Peace of Wedmore is an agreement reached between the King Alfred and Guthrum, Danish King of East Anglia, around the year 878. It established a firm f (MORE)
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Why does the peace sign stand for peace?

The peace sign is actually the symbol of nuclear disarmament. The symbol is made up of 2 "semaphoric" letters. ("N" and "D".) The meaning was later translated to mean "peace". (MORE)

What is the opposite of peaceful?

There is a rarely-used adjective "unpeaceful" which is unspecific and varies with the noun. The opposite of a peaceful state would be a disturbed, or a stormy state. A conditi (MORE)
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What is peace?

peace=love Peace is... A world without wars A world without homeless people A world without hunger A world were people get along PEACE.LOVE.HAPPINESS Peace can be (MORE)
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What is the verb of peacefulness?

The verb of peacefulness is peacefully.   As in "to peacefully do something". The verb meaning "to bring  peace" is "pacify".
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