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How do peacocks mate?

Birds mate sexually just like mammals. And peacocks mate noisily -- there's a lot of flapping and screeching involved. When a peacock wants a mate, he will display his train (MORE)

What is gender of peacock?

As with most other creatures there are male and female among the Peafowl.The male is known as the Peacock and the female as the Peahen.
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Can a peacock fly?

  I think they can to a degree, but not for long distances. They would fly if they were in danger. I've seen peacocks fly up a tree and onto a branch
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How do peacocks nest?

  The female peacock/peafowl, known as a peahen, will lay random "decoy eggs" around at first, then finds somewhere she can hide the eggs she wants to brood, such as leave (MORE)

Are peacocks mean?

I have to say that it depends on the peacock's temperament and its living situation, although most male fowl are considered aggressive. However, aggressive does not necessar (MORE)

Are peacocks nice?

Yes as long as you don't get in their face, or pluck/pick their feathers, because that disturbs them. Otherwise, they are very friendly. :)

Are peacocks endothermic?

Yes. Both the peacock and the peahen are endothermic, able toregulate their own body heat. They are birds, and all birds andmammals are endothermic. The term 'endothermic' is (MORE)

What is a feminine of a peacock?

The females are called peahens, and don't have elaborate tails like the males- in fact, it's to attract and impress them that males have those elaborate feathers and dances.
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