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How do you make peat moss?

Peat moss is essentially leaf mold. One of the easiest ways to make it is to take a pile of leaves, run them through the lawn mower twice so they are crushed. Place them in a (MORE)

What is a peat bog?

  A bog in which peat has formed and accumulated through partial decomposition of mosses, sedges, trees, and other vegetative matter.
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How does peat form?

Over time, the mosses become compressed into layers and form a  blackish-brown material, which is called peat. (:
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What is peat used for?

Peat is a type of organic mulch that is commonly used for the triune purpose of fertilizing, retaining moisture, and prohibiting weed growth in a flower bed or garden. It can (MORE)

What is used peat?

Peat forms when plant material, usually in marshy areas, is stopped from fully decaying fully by acidic and anaerobic conditions. It is composed mainly from marshland vegetati (MORE)

Is Peat Soil acid or alkaline?

most probably is we know peat soil contents high of organic materials consist of Carbon Hydrogen Oxygen...most of these atom can be found in org (MORE)
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Did the Celtics ever 4 peat?

Not only did they 4-peat, they 7-peated. Under head coach Red Auerbach, the Celtics won the 1959, '60, '61, '62, '63, '64, '65, and '66 NBA Titles. In fact, if they had won th (MORE)
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Is peat a type of fossil fuel?

No, it is not a fossil. It is however the first stage of producing a fossil fuel. Peat is thick vegetation that has died and built up in layers in a wet environment which does (MORE)

What is peat moss?

The decayed, dried stage of the sphagnum moss in bogs, conifer forests, fens, and moist tundras is what peat moss is. Specifically, sphagnum moss exists in wetlands. Cultiva (MORE)