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What is peat made from?

  To quote Wikipedia's article on Peat, it is partially decayed vegetation matter. Peat forms in wetlands where decay is inhibited by a low oxygen or acidic environment. W (MORE)

Will peat float?

I think it will float, because the density is about 0.84 g. so the  density will probably be less
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Is peat a rock?

Peat is decayed vegetation found in bogs. The main component is  sphagnum moss, but it contains other plants as well. Peatlands are  sometimes called mire.
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What is a peat dog?

Thought to be one of the first "dogs," it was first noted in Europe, identified by teeth marks left in bones. It is said to be medium sized, with a tapered muzzle, wide deep c (MORE)

Is peat moss the same as peat?

No, peat moss is a growing, living plant, when peat moss dies and given the right conditions it will eventually become peat.
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What is peat?

peat is a noun, and refers to partially carbonized vegetable matter, usually mosses, found in bogs and used as fertilizer and fuel. ( It is used as mulch, but in (MORE)
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What are the stages of peat?

The bog is drained. The peat is harvested. The peat is transported. The peat is marketed. >They are the 4 stages of peat.
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Is peat a resource?

Yes. Peat is considered a non-renewable resource because it takes more than a human lifetime for peat to form naturally.
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Where is peat use?

THE difficulty in obtaining coal for industrial purposes, and the high price that has had to be paid for it recently, especially where works are situated at long distances aw (MORE)

Why is peat shortaned?

I don't believe it is. Peat moss is a growing, living plant. When peat moss dies, it clumps together in a peat bog of water, and over the decades, gets more and more compacted (MORE)