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Can you use pectin that has passed expiration date?

  This was taken from the University of Utah Extension website...   Pectin has an expiration date on the box. It is recommended to use it within one year or before th (MORE)

How do you take pectin to pass a drug test?

i have heard it does from a friend of mine. so I'm trying it and hopefully it will work.. Take one pack of certo and mix it with a gallon of water drink it the day before te (MORE)

What are the uses of pectin and modified starch in Food Processing Technology?

  They make things gel or hold together. If you've ever made jelly at home, you'd need pectin to make it "gel." Pectin is a naturally occurring substance found in the rind (MORE)

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What food has high pectin levels?

  Apples, quince, plums, gooseberries, oranges and other citrus fruits contain much pectin, while soft fruits like cherries, grapes and strawberries contain little pectin. (MORE)

Is pectin important in making jams and jellies?

Pectin is important in jams and jellies as pectin is the natural setting agent for jams and jellies, the higher the pectin levels the better the jam or jelly will be.
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What is fruit pectin in?

Pectin is a naturally occurring substance found in berries, apples,  and other fruit. Pectins, also known as pectic polysaccharides  .When heated together with sugar, it cau (MORE)
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What is the function of pectinate muscles?

"embryological origin of the auricles, which are the true atria. Some sources cite that the musculi pectinati are useful in increasing the power of contraction without increas (MORE)
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What are pectins?

Pectins are a group of heterogeneous, branched, and highly hydrated  polysaccharides that contain large amounts of galacturonic acid,  some of it in the form of methyl ester (MORE)