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What is Peculiar Institution?

That was the old way of referring to slavery. The word "peculiar" today means strange or odd, but in the 1800s, it meant uniquely one's own. Keeping slaves was unique to the s (MORE)
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What is peculiar about Killifish?

I don't believe they are perculiar but the way they live and die i find fascinating. They are called annual or non annual. The ones i keep live for around 90 days. They hatc (MORE)

What does 'peculiar' mean?

The word "peculiar" appears only seven times in the King James version of the Bible: five times in the Old Testament and twice in the New. In every case, the sense of the orig (MORE)

What is a peculiar galaxy?

A peculiar galaxy is unusual in its shape, size, or composition. They are formed as a result of interactions between galaxies and the massive gravitation forces, twist th (MORE)
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What are the peculiarities of land?

1. fixed qty- no supply price 2. has inherent properties- may hav a diamond mine.. 3. lacks mobility- in geographical sense 4. infinite variations- no 2 pcs of land are exact (MORE)

What are peculiarities of kangaroos?

Kangaroos are grey-brown, red-brown or golden-brown marsupials, meaning they are pouched mammals. Their young are born extremely undeveloped, about the size of a kidney bean, (MORE)