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Why do English people have peculiar accents?

Everyone has a different accent in different countries.   England is like America the different places you go you get  different accents there not all the same. For insta (MORE)

How do you use peculiar in a sentence?

"Don't you find it peculiar that George never talks?"   The platypus was a quite peculiar animal.   Peculiar is an adjective that means "strange." Thus it can be used (MORE)
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What is the peculiarity of the structure of DNA?

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid. The peculiarity of its structure is that it is a double helical structure composed of ribose sugar , phosphate and nitrogen bases. It (MORE)
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What are the peculiarities of land?

1. fixed qty- no supply price 2. has inherent properties- may hav a diamond mine.. 3. lacks mobility- in geographical sense 4. infinite variations- no 2 pcs of land are exact (MORE)

What are peculiarities of kangaroos?

Kangaroos are grey-brown, red-brown or golden-brown marsupials, meaning they are pouched mammals. Their young are born extremely undeveloped, about the size of a kidney bean, (MORE)

What is the plot of my brother's peculiar chicken?

The plot of this very short story centers on whether the chicken is a hen or a rooster, and how our perceptions define the things we see around us. He has a brother named Kiko (MORE)

What makes graphite peculiar?

Graphite is an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. Graphite can withstand extremely high temperatures and is not affected by majority of reagents and acids. This prop (MORE)

What is a peculiar galaxy?

A peculiar galaxy is unusual in its shape, size, or composition. They are formed as a result of interactions between galaxies and the massive gravitation forces, twist them (MORE)