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What are the safety tips for pedestrian?

Most communities are striving to improve their safety signs to protect the safety of pedestrians. There are many newly designed signs to help in that effect. If attention is p (MORE)
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Who is Leonard mead in the pedestrian?

Leonard Mead is a man who loves walking at night. Something no one else will do. He is a man who is afraid of change.

What is the story of the pedestrian by Ray Bradbury about?

In this story we encounter Leonard Mead, a citizen of a television-centered world in A.D. 2053. In the city, roads have fallen into decay and people only leave their homes dur (MORE)

Is the pedestrian a short story?

Yes, it is a short story by Ray Bradbury. If you're asking how short it is, I don't remember off the top of my head, but it's about ten pages or so. It's an easy read and it's (MORE)

Are bicyclists classified as pedestrians?

Bicycles are classified as 'motor vehicles'. Although most bicycles do not come equipped with a motor, think of yourself as the motor. Also, people on bicycles are responsible (MORE)