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Is there an opposite term to pedophilia referring to an attraction to older people?

Pedophilia comes from the Greek for Child and Friendship. Thetechnical term for the modern connotation of pedophilia is paedophilia erotica , or asexual preference for child ( Full Answer )
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What are the laws on pedophilia in the UK?

Pedophilia is a mental disorder, but any outward manifestation of it (pictures, improper conduct, assault) is very much illegal, just like the rest of the world.
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How many Catholic Priests have been accused of pedophilia?

The best estimates for clerical sex abuse are in the neighborhoodor under 4% which is comparable to other religious denominationsand much lower than the general population for ( Full Answer )
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What happens if a Personnel in the USMC got caught on the charge of Pedophilia?

More than likely they would be placed under arrest or at the very least restriction pending results of an investigation by his immediate superiors and NCIS. If evidence is fou ( Full Answer )
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What role if any do neurotransmitters have in the course of the sexual disorder pedophilia?

If there was a connection (no pun) then the place to look for anywould be in the region of the brain called the limbic system, andin particular the amygdala. This is where sex ( Full Answer )
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Where in the Talmud is pedophilia found?

Nowhere. On the contrary, the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) and Talmud arequite strict in their high standards of morality. If you're perhaps referring to the practice of marrying 13- ( Full Answer )