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What is unstructured peer to peer network?

A network in which endpoints opportunistically discover each other and cooperate to exchange data without any planning or structure from a central designing authority.
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What is peer-to-peer network architecture?

  A peer-to-peer network is one that does not have a central server hosting a shared application. Instead each member client communicated directly with each other. The typ (MORE)

Is Facebook a peer to peer file?

No; users communicate over a group of centralized servers, so this is a client-server system. No; users communicate over a group of centralized servers, so this is a client-s (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of peer to peer networking?

  Disadvantages of a peer to peer network:   * the system is not centralised, making administration difficult  * lack of security  * no computer in the network is r (MORE)

What is peers?

  Your peers are the people who are the same age as you, such as your classmates or your whole generation.
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Advantages of peer to peer?

Peer 2 peer connections have very good advantages for small type of network.   1) It is easy to install.  2) Configuration of computers is easy.  3) User (MORE)
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What is the benefit of a peer to peer network?

There are several benefits; the network doesn't need a server so  it's cheaper to set-up and can be more reliable as it's less  susceptible to a single point failure. Peer t (MORE)