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What does a Peggy do on a construction site?

A peggy is the person responsible for the lunch room (cribb hut) cleanliness and ensuring cups, coffee tea cold water facilities are maintained to a standard suitable for the (MORE)

What is Peggy short for?

It is an old variation of Meggie, which is short for Margaret.   In modern usage however, it is a name in its own right, and not short for anything.
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Who was Peggy Eaton?

  Answer   Margaret O'Neale Eaton ( 3 December 1799 - 8 November 1879), better known as Peggy Eaton, was the daughter of the keeper of a popular Washington, D.C. tave (MORE)

Is Peggy Parish Married?

Peggy Parish was a well-known author of books for children. She  passed away in 1988 and there is not mention of her being married.

Does Peggy Fleming skate anymore?

Peggy Fleming won the Olympic Gold Medal for Ladies Figure Skating in 1968. While I am sure she still skates; I have not seen her skate in some years. However, she is active b (MORE)
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Is Peggy march alive?

Well she sent me an e-mail on the 27th March 2012 and she is appearing in a radio show in Frankfurt in April 2012 - so very much aloive

How did Peggy Lee die?

US singer, actress and songwriter Peggy Lee, died on January 21,  2002, at the age of 81. She died of complications of diabetes and a  heart attack. She was born Norma Delor (MORE)

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