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Who was Peggy Eaton?

  Answer   Margaret O'Neale Eaton ( 3 December 1799 - 8 November 1879), better known as Peggy Eaton, was the daughter of the keeper of a popular Washington, D.C. tave (MORE)

How old is Peggy in EastEnders?

  The fictional EastEnders character Peggy Mitchell's date of birth is 21 March 1942, so that makes her 66 years old. Barbara Windsor, the actress who plays Peggy Mitche (MORE)

Is Peggy Parish Married?

Peggy Parish was a well-known author of books for children. She  passed away in 1988 and there is not mention of her being married.

What is Peggy short for?

It is an old variation of Meggie, which is short for Margaret.   In modern usage however, it is a name in its own right, and not short for anything.
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Where is little peggy little?

Peggy is a loving wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She lives in a small town in north Texas and enjoys her time with family and friends. She hasn't recorded an (MORE)

Does Peggy Fleming skate anymore?

Peggy Fleming won the Olympic Gold Medal for Ladies Figure Skating in 1968. While I am sure she still skates; I have not seen her skate in some years. However, she is active b (MORE)